I've been making stuff for a good while now. Chances are you've seen one of my old web shows, or my short film "TUB", or a painting I did or maybe you heard about "The Master Cleanse" - my first feature film! Regardless: Hi!

As an independent artist, I think it's incredibly important to find your audience and connect with them. But, things have changed a lot. Facebook now charges money to promote facebook updates, YouTube's subscriber feed randomly hides videos you make, and Twitter...Well, there's a lot of noise on Twitter.

So, how does a person really connect?
My solution was to go back to "the old days" and start an email newsletter.

I also like newsletters because they give me some space to talk about stuff! Put things in context. For example, in this newsletter I mentioned how my video totally bombed on youtube. In a tweet, I can't have that level of candor and all nuance is lost. Connecting with people on twitter has simply become: "HEY YOU! WATCH THIS VIDEO".

And man, is that boring. And not very personal.

Lastly - I'm not making an email list to bombard you with emails. If you look at this archive, you'll see I'm very practical about it. I often email when I have a few things to look at - instead of one thing. As seen in this sample newsletter.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading all of this and for your support.
It means a lot.

- Bobby